Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prairie Points: Many fabrics

One of the trickiest things about making individual prairie points (I think!) is getting them all lined up and evenly tucked into each other. This method totally solves that problem!

Step 1: Cutting
Once you determine the size of the points you want, you will need to cut many different rectangles of fabric twice as wide as your finished size (x) twice as wide as your finished size plus a 1/4 " (seam allowance). For example:
2-1/2" points: cut 5" x 5-1/4" blocks
2" points: cut 4" x 4-1/4" blocks
1-1/2" points: cut 3" x 3 -1/4" blocks
1" points: cut 2" x 2-1/4 " blocks

You can estimate your length or just cut a pile of blocks and see how far they go. Then add more as needed.

The example is cut for 1" points.
Step 2:
Sew the blocks together with a standard 1/4" seam allowance.
Align the top edges (the seam allowance edge) and off-set the blocks by 1/2. See photo below.

Add in the next block by slipping it in to just touch the other bottom block, and aligning the top edges.

Add the next block on the top by slipping it in to just touch the edge of the other top block.

And so on...

And so on...

Until you have a whole long string of them.

Step 3:
Press the seam open.

Note: As you can see, you will not need to cross cut these. You have already done the cutting!

Step 4:
Starting on one side, fold all of the points in half diagonally, and all in the SAME direction.

Step 8:
Repeat the same process for folding the second side, being careful to continue folding in the SAME direction.
Note: if you are working with a really long strip you may want to fold both sides simultaneously working your way down the entire length

Step 9:
Now you are going to fold each triangle in 1/2 again.
This time you will fold everything in the opposite direction as before.

One side folded.

Repeat for the second side.
Note: if you are working with a really long strip you may want to fold both sides simultaneously working your way down the entire length.

Both sides folded.

Step 10:
Work your way down the entire length, folding it in half and pressing it with a hot iron.

The points in the photo above have a "front row" and a "back row". If this is how you want them to look, then slip in a few pins to hold them in place as you go.

If you want your points to be nested one inside the next, then you will need to flip out the little tips as you go. Then add your pins. See photo below.

Step 11:
Now all you need to do is take the whole thing over to your sewing machine and stay stitch along the entire length at 1/8".



  1. They look great! and excuse my ignorance...but what would you use them for? the edges of a quilt or as a banner? I've never seen it before

  2. this is amazing! i learned the old school way of cutting all the squares, folding them and then pinning each one. this looks so much easier!! now what about figuring out spacing and how many squares needed?

  3. So much easier than the usual way! Thanks

  4. Спасибо! очень поучительно!

  5. Спасибо! очень поучительно!

  6. Great tutorial! Thank you.

  7. Now what??! How do I attach them to my quilt?!!