Friday, March 16, 2012

A Studio Tour

I recently remodeled my studio and I thought I would share it with you today!

Changing up my creative space had been on my mind a lot. I wanted to move from a practical, mostly uninspiring space to a practical, very inspiring space! But I didn't have a clear vision for it or even an idea of how to get started until I saw this (on Pinterest, of course!!):

Aren't those cubbies completely wonderful?!!

When I saw those, my thoughts began to come together about my own space and what I wanted.
I made a list of the musts:
1~ ALL supplies in one room, out and available to use, not just stored in bins and drawers
2~ Cubbies!!
3~ Three Workstations (so I could sew with my girls or my girlfriends!!)
4~ My huge design wall had to stay
5~ Little vignettes of inspiration and plenty of CUTE!!

So here is what evolved:

My design wall stayed.

Next to the design wall, a little ladder-style rack to hold quilts.
My guy made this for me about a year ago, and I love it, so it stayed.
(The little chair is usually piled full of quilts waiting to be quilted, but I cleared it out for you!!)

The main sewing table, which I L-O-V-E..
This is also unchanged from my original space.
My guy re-vamped this old kitchen counter/cabinet thing that we picked up for free. It, of course, did not look this nice when we got it (and believe me, my guy did NOT want to "got it" at all, but I managed to sweet talk him into it.) A little paint, some new hardware, a brand new top and... Viola!! The perfect sewing table.

This is the second sewing station. It fits perfectly into this little nook. It has also been here from the beginning, but the shelves were loaded down with books and magazines and other "stuff" so it just looked like a cluttered and cramped little workspace.

Now the shelves are filled with things I love: the sea, glassware, buttons, and pumpkins.
There is also one beautiful print by my favorite photographer: Laura Dienzo of Deinzo Designs Photography.

Next to that are the cubbies!! I just L-O-V-E these.
My guy built them for me for Christmas.
They are as deep and wide as the closet, and they hold a ton of stuff.
The top is another opportunity to display a beloved little vignette: birds and nests.

The cutting table is next.
Would you believe that my guy made this for me??!!
It was my birthday present about 12 or 15 years ago and he had made it to fit in our kitchen.
The top is actually a chopping block, and the drawers were designed to hold specific kitchen-type things (like my Costco-sized spice containers). It worked great in that kitchen, but it has never fit in any other kitchen we have had since then. So, it became my cutting table.

The side drawers are filled with scraps, which I sort by color, just to make things a little easier to find when I need them. The vintage pink lamp was a yard sale find (steal actually, at only $5). Both of the bird prints also came from yard sales.

Lastly, there is a third workstation. This one is the handwork area.
The chair was another "free" roadside find. (You may or may not know this but, it is very hard to say no to free turquoise leather!!)
The stool is also a yard sale find. It has been fitted with a new quilt-cover.
And the hamper to the left of the chair... you guessed it, yard sale! You cannot really tell from this shot, but it is a beautiful 1950's clothes hamper in perfect condition. I mostly use it for a trash bin. But when someone is doing handwork, the lid goes down and it becomes the perfect little side table for tea and thread and scissors and whatever else a girl may need.

Here is what the whole room looks like:

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Cute! I like our stick family at the bottom too!

  2. Adorable. Why do we craft girls generally have to deal with second hand finds? I suppose it is because furniture that is made specifically for sewing is extremely expensive and generally UGLY! I had a center island/butcher block that I used as a cutting table - perfect, but sadly left behind in my old house. Love all your bright colors and lack of the 10 tons of quilting books/magazines that tend to consume a large area. Turquoise leather - swoon!

  3. You have the coolest studio I've ever seen!

  4. It's beautiful Rana! I love it!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful setting to quit in. If you ever run into another "my guy" at a yard sale, will you grab him for me?! LOL! Actually what a sweet husband! Thanks for sharing your studio with us!

  6. Everything looks neat and tidy. I think you have created a wonderful space. I just have too much in my sewing room for it to ever look like this. Enjoy your new inspiring room.

  7. I love it. Wish I had a room like this. Maybe some day. Have fun creating in your special space.

  8. Thank you for sharing your space! It looks wonderful! I need to go through mine and get better organized. I especially LOVE your closet cubbies that your hubby made for you! Did you design it for each specific item you wanted to place in it?

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE I want to be one of those friends that comes to sew with you! How fun. Absolutely gorgeous space and so inspiring. A girl could think up lots of creativity in this studio. Way to go with cubbies. Perfect!

  10. WOW, I am just in the midst of redoing my studio which doubles as a second bedroom. The bed however is a beautiful Murphy bed that folds up and is my design wall when we don't have company. My dilemma is a west facing window where I get glaring light from noon on if I face it sewing so I'm turning the machine around. How many times did you rearrange your studio before you got it like you wanted it?