Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justin and Zoey

I have the cutest little nephew. His name is Justin and he will be 4 next week.

He was here at the house yesterday with his mama and his big brother, and would you believe that he found his birthday present!!
Never mind that I had set it in the corner to be wrapped and forgot about it.
Never mind that it was in "plain simple sight", as my little girls used to say.
Never mind that it was the only toy in the house!!
He found it and was having a lovely time playing with it before I even realized that he had it!!
It was just so darn cute.

Another cute thing about that boy is the nickname he has given me.
He knows that my guy is Uncle Armando. But, Armando is a hard name for little guy to say. So Justin calls him Unca Mondo. And I am Unca Nay. Because Aunt is too confusing. And Rana (say Renee) is a little bit hard too. So Unca Nay it is.

The reason that I bring all of this up is that today, March 22, I became Unca Nay again!!
This is Zoey (say Zoe), Justin's new little sister, who "took forever to come out". Isn't she a little doll?!

Now, fortunately, Justin will have something new on his birthday to help off-set that used present he's gonna be getting!!

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