Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I have spent most of the week in bed or on the couch, sick.
The first few days I did nothing but sleep. Then, I was feeling better enough to be awake but not better enough to do anything. So I watched a lot of daytime tv.
Now, in case you did not know this already, daytime tv is not that good. It's all court tv, talk shows and infomercials. Lots of infomercials...Zumba workout videos, AAA roadside service, Milana Bras, Nuwave ovens, the Perfect Tortilla... (I may or may not be ordering one of these things!)

But today, well today is Saturday. And that means Saturday morning cartoons. Whoo-hoo! I was feeling better (and younger) just thinking about it.

Then, I turned on the tv. And guess what? Zero good cartoons (anime and dragons and super heores?? Big thumbs down!), sports guessed it infomercials!

So, when did Saturday morning cartoons die? When did we lose Tom and Jerry? Land of the Lost? The Flintstones? The Jetsons? LOONEY TOONS?? All of those great Loony Toons characters: Wile E, Pepe Le Pew, Speedy, Woody, Porky, Bugs and Daffy and Elmer Fudd, Tweety and Sylvester, Foghorn and Yosemite Sam.

Oh no. Then there are all of the Hanna-Barbera friends: Yogi and Boo-Boo, Quickdraw and Huckleberry Hound, Scooby Doo and Magilla. And the smurfs!

And what about School House Rock?!

Where are the 70's when I need them??

Turns out they're on You tube!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Again

We had a house-sitter taking care of our home while we were gone. A very responsible one. One who may or may not be related to us. He was supposed to take care of the chickens, keep the plants alive and harvest the garden for himself.

As you can see, the harvesting plan did not work out.

So, I have a day of cooking and canning ahead of me. Thanks goodness it is only supposed to be sweltering today!

Recommended Reading

Here are a few books I came across while on vacation that looked particularly interesting. I am going to be checking out pronto!

Day 12: The Norman Rockwell Museum

We stopped in to see some of Norman Rockwell's works.
I love his art. I love that he portrayed Americans as Americans saw themselves. I love the wholesomeness of it. The patriotism. The heroism. The colors. The expressions. The mischief. The sincerity. The young and the old. The seashore and the country. And I love that you can walk into one of his exhibits and know that you will not see anything morbid or naked. I know that that is not everyone's preference, but it is mine.

Freedom of Worship, 1943.

Cobbler studying Doll's Shoe, 1921

Girl Reading the Post, 1941.

Facts of Life, 1951.
This one was particularly hilarious to me. That look on the boy's face is priceless!

Going and Coming, 1947.

My guy liked the story these two told.
Fishing Trip, They'll be coming back next week, 1919.

The catch, 1919.

Family Home from Vacation, 1930.

Vacation's Over, 1921.

Mother Tucking Children into Bed, 1921.

Girl at Mirror, 1954.

A little kid has lots of heroes, 1961.

Saying Grace, 1951.

The gossips, 1948.

Day in the life of a little girl, 1952.

Day in the life of a little boy, 1952. It was not part of the museum's collection but you can see it here.

And somehow, I cannot find the pictures of our favorites!!
So, my favorite is called Hallowe'en (1920) and you can see it here.

And my guy loved The Shiner (1953). See it here.

Day 12: Old Sturbridge Village

Here are a few of the sights from the Old Sturbridge Village, a living history village filled with all kinds of information and period collections.(1790 to 1840 New England.)

The fabric and notion selections of the day.

From the garden.
These lobed tomatoes are heirlooms called Big Red. We spotted them at the minister's house. According to the docent, tomatoes were a curiosity of the day and no one, not even the dogs, would eat them.

For the kiddies.


From the boat. Yes, I got on a boat. It was a little pontoon boat. And I may or may not have sang a line or two of Little Big Town...

Another butter mold to inspire.

A little applique. Gorgeous!

A grinding stone.

And finally, my guy as a Yank.

Day 11: Vermont Country Store

My guy loves the Vermont Country Store, so this stop was a must for him!
I think it makes him feel like a kid again, seeing all the old stuff he remembers from his childhood.

And this old covered bridge caught his attention as well. Imagine that! (It is hard to see in the picture, but this is called a "kissing bridge" rather than a covered bridge.)

Day 10: Butter Molds

We stopped by a farm museum to see one of their advertised displays. Sadly, it turned out to be a dud. But, there was a nice little collection of butter molds. The designs were so lovely, and they kicked my little brain into applique mode. Maybe they will inspire you too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 9: Coaticook Gorge

Coaticook Gorge is home to the world's longest suspended footbridge, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Can't just drive by that!

So, this freaked my guy out a little bit. The height combined with the sway. He says he was just nervous, but he looked a-scared to me. Actually, my guy is not a scaredy cat. He can count 4 whole times in his entire life when he felt actual fear. Three of them involved heights (not counting this time, which was "just nervous") and the fourth time involved me. It was early in our marriage and I had been pressed into service as his assistant. I was holding a board that he was cutting. The saw skipped, and he thought he had cut my arm off. He hadn't, but it scared. But I digress...

It was a lovely hike. And that final picture.... the beginnings of a BIG downpour of rain right after we got back to the car!