Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 1: Airplane Friends

My guy and I both like the aisle seat when we fly. Actually, my guy also likes the window seat, but the middle seat is O-U-T. So, when we chose our seats we took both isle seats in the row. It worked out great. And it gave us a chance to meet some new people.
The kid sitting next to me was a 16 year old boy from Guadalajara. He spoke pretty good English and was excited to tell me all about his big adventure. He and 3 of his friends wanted go learn to speak English more fluently, so they were headed off to live in North Scotland for 6 months.
North Scotland??
I had to double check that one. But yes, even with his accent, he was definitively saying Scotland.
So, I asked him why Scotland and not America or England (although I suspect that Scottish English sounds a lot like the King's English).
He said he wanted to experience the culture.
Alrighty then.
He asked where I was going, so I explained about our trip to Quebec. Then he started to talk about Canada and at one point he tried to say Nova Scotia, but got flustered and moved on to Scotland.
And that's when things started to make sense. He wasn't going to North Scotland to study English. Nobody does that. He was going to New Scotland...Nova Scotia.
And so began my vacation of language barriers.

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