Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Books and Blooms

Queen Anne's lace grows like weeds around here, expect it's pretty. So I decided to picked a big bouquet of it for the dining room table.
The purple mum came from church last Sunday. Our pastor announced that he was passing out "Gar-zany-olas" to all of the mom's in honor of Mother's Day. But when we started laughing, he realized that he had made a mistake. Which flustered him. Which was even funnier. Then some sweet lady in the back row (my bff to be exact) helped him out with the real name, chrysanthemum. It is easy to see how he could confuse the two names, it probably happens all the time!

As for the "book" part of this post: I say let the summer reading begin! I am flying out to Spring Market this afternoon (will I see you there??) and this little book will be helping me pass the in-flight hours. And the lay-over hours. And whatever other hours may need to be passed.

It looks pretty funny. For example, there is a chapter called "Praying for Answers" and the very next chapter is called "Hello, Unexpected". Or how about "Getting organized" followed by "Sometimes the mice show up anyway". Yeah, I am thinking this is going to be a good book.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blocks 9 and 10: Northern Stars

We are getting so very close to finishing our BOM!

I hope that you have enjoyed making it as much as I have enjoyed designing it for you!!

This month I am giving you 2 months worth of work. But don't worry, it will be easy. Month 10 is just to small to stand alone, so I am combining it with Month 9 because they really go together.

Month 9 is this star block. It is called Northern Star, and you will need two of them.
Be sure to keep the background consistent with the rest of your backgrounds in color.

And Month 10 is using those blocks to fill the corners of your little quilt top.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Red and White Collection

I know we have all seen photos of this amazing exhibit.
And I know it was way back last Spring, and that it is old news, but......

Does seeing a sight this wonderful ever get old??
I don't think so either!!
So, for that very reason, I wanted to share a link with you to the best photo collection I have seen yet of the display.

Oh how I would have LOVED to have seen it in person!
To have been able to combine my love of NYC and quilting......that would have been so completely fantastic!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's a cow

This is a favorite spot of mine. It is about a mile from my house. The view, not the hill itself.

This time of year it is a beautiful shade of green, but as the summer settles in the whole hillside will turn golden brown.

And do you see that spot just to the left of the trees? It looks kinda like a rock, or just a dark spot.... Well, it's actually a cow grazing on the hillside. Sometimes there are lots of cows and sometimes just a few. I never know when I come around the bend how many I will see. But my favorite surprise of all, is to come around the bend and see the cowboys up there working those cattle. I have only seen it twice in 10 years, but I always look up to see if I make it 3!!

There is just somethin' about a cowboy......