Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Market

It's almost here!

Come and see me! I will be in Booth #2760.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo Love

I absolutely love this photo!

There is just something completely perfect about it.
It brings together two of my great loves: the Lord and quilting.

But it is more than that.
It is the unexpected setting. The mix of architecture and color. The perspective. The light. The old 70's rust colored carpet.

But it is even more than that.
It is exactly how I imagine my funeral service to be.
Crazy right!!
 Maybe even a little weird.
But I have actually had this conversation with my girls.
"When I kick" (you have to say it like that when you are talking about your death to your children, otherwise they get a little sad and freaked out)...
"When I kick, I want you to round up all these quilts (WELL over 100, and probably closer to 200). Keep your favorites and anything you might want to pass down or give away special. But don't be saddled with the rest of them. I want you to haul all of them down to the church and hang them over the pews. And when the service is over I want all of my friends to take quilts home with them!!"
And my girls agree.
It is a good plan.

So, if and when you hear that I have gone on to that Great Watering Hole in the Sky (my girls will probably read this)...well hustle your little self down to the church and get a quilt!! And know that I loved you and I wanted you to have it.