Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Everything is turning yellow around here.
A sure sign of autumn. Even though it is almost Christmas!!

The Euryops Daisies are in full bloom.
And they will keep blooming until mid summer!

The raspberry vines are fading away, in preparation for next spring.

And so are the cherry trees.

And the pomegranates. But isn't their final show just beautiful!

So long November.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rush Rush Rush is Bad

I needed to get to the post office today. I had a couple of packages to mail. But one thing led to another, and then another. And then all of the sudden it was 4:20! And I didn't even have the packaging yet!!

So I flew down the hill and stopped at the store to get what I needed. But I neglected to bring (or buy) scissors. So, what should have been a simple wrapping job quickly became a chore. And let's not forget that the clock was tick-tick-ticking away.

So, I was standing in the passenger door of my car wrapping up (aka: doing battle with) my packages when all of the sudden I heard a man's voice right behind me. It startled me so badly that I jumped.... and screamed....out LOUD!!

Can you believe it?? It was kind of like:

Or maybe even like:

Now, for the record, this is my standard reaction any and every single time I cross paths with a rattlesnake. Any snake really. And actually, that is usually how I become aware of the presence of a snake. All of the sudden, without warning, I am jumping up and down and screaming like a lunatic. All of that happens, and THEN I look around to see what is going on, and sure enough there is always a rattlesnake near-by.

Except today. There was no rattlesnake anywhere to be seen. Just a nice little old man holding the newspaper. And backing away. And saying how sorry he was to have frightened me.

Good Grief!!

Turns out he was lost and just needed directions.

I repeat: Good Grief!!

So, after both of our hearts started beating again, I was able to direct him to his destination (1 street over!) and then jump in my car and race for the post office. And I got there with eight minutes to spare!! Which would have been perfect, except they closed at 4:00, not 5:00.

I repeat: Good Grief!

It is just never good to be in a rush. And apparently, it is also not good to ask a stranger, who is wrapping packages in her car, for directions. I'm just sayin'....

PS: I did not take those 2 photos. I downloaded them from my favorite free photo site. And how perfect was it to find a corgi and a black cat, since I have both!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inspired by...

Stone Gable.

I love the art of Tablescape.

And I want to be a "tablescap-er".

Now, to be honest, I can set a nice enough table.
And I have set many over the years.
But they are not gorgeous. They are not tablescapes.

But this year I started following a blog called Stone Gable.
And, my oh my can Yvonne set a gorgeous table.
So I have been studying her techniques.

Number 1 on the list seems to be using too many dishes.
So for my Thanksgiving Feast I gave each guest 3 plates and 1 bowl.
This was a palty little number, compared to what happens over at
StoneGable, but it was all I had. None the less, it was enough to
require my guests to ask me what they were excepted to do with
all those dishes!

Number 2 on the list: a show-piece of some kind at each place setting.
So I filled mini pumpkins and gourds with daisies from my yard.

Number 3: a beautiful centerpiece.
Something that really makes a statement.
So I rounded up every little piece of "fallness" that I could gather,
and placed it down the center of the table on a quilted runner.

It turned out so pretty.
Thank you, Yvonne for the inspiration!!

Click the link in my sidebar if you want to see Yvonne's handiwork for yourself.


Who inspires you?
What inspires you?
Is it color? Texture? Smell? Love? Loud boisterous gatherings, or being alone with your thoughts?
Does it come on all of the sudden or grow over time?
Does it hit in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep?
Do you get out of bed and do something about it??

I have been wanting to do a series of blog posts about being inspired.

Inspired by my girlfriends.
Inspired by quilters.
Inspired by other bloggers.
Inspired by the Pinnners on Pintrest.
Inspired by my favorite magazines.
And the list goes on and on.

So today I am going to start that series. And let's see where it goes. Maybe you will find yourself inspired too!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a blessed day with families and friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The Pie...

The Stuffing...

The gravy...

Oh yum!!
I hope your prep is going well and smelling good too.

Friday, November 18, 2011


While we were in Houston, we had to split up our little pets. Each had their own sitter. And it worked out pretty well.

But they are happy to be home. And together. Just the two of them. Napping to the fullest.

I wish we were finding it so easy to come home and settle back in!
Some how the hustle and bustle of getting ready, and getting there, and being there, and then getting back home again has left us out of sorts. "Settled" seems to be elusive (or at least gradual) for now.
Maybe tomorrow....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Block 3: Aunt Addie's Album

Well, well, well.
It seems like we are about due to add a little bit more to our BOM.
Are you ready?? Are you all caught up?? Looking forward to a bit more??
I hope the answers were yes, yes and yes!

This month we are going to add three more blocks.
Aunt Addie's Album.
It is an old favorite that has been around for a long long time. But, if you don't make a lot of traditional blocks or stars, it may be new to you.

Click here to download your copy of the pattern.

There are no big tricks for these blocks other than keeping some good contrast between the two fabrics that make up the star points.
The background fabrics can be all the same or all different, but be sure to keep them in your chosen color family. (What I mean is that you need to use the fabrics you chose for the "background". Mine is black, just like the string blocks.)

If you are new to the BOM, you can click here to get started from the beginning.

Happy stitching!