Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inspired by...

Stone Gable.

I love the art of Tablescape.

And I want to be a "tablescap-er".

Now, to be honest, I can set a nice enough table.
And I have set many over the years.
But they are not gorgeous. They are not tablescapes.

But this year I started following a blog called Stone Gable.
And, my oh my can Yvonne set a gorgeous table.
So I have been studying her techniques.

Number 1 on the list seems to be using too many dishes.
So for my Thanksgiving Feast I gave each guest 3 plates and 1 bowl.
This was a palty little number, compared to what happens over at
StoneGable, but it was all I had. None the less, it was enough to
require my guests to ask me what they were excepted to do with
all those dishes!

Number 2 on the list: a show-piece of some kind at each place setting.
So I filled mini pumpkins and gourds with daisies from my yard.

Number 3: a beautiful centerpiece.
Something that really makes a statement.
So I rounded up every little piece of "fallness" that I could gather,
and placed it down the center of the table on a quilted runner.

It turned out so pretty.
Thank you, Yvonne for the inspiration!!

Click the link in my sidebar if you want to see Yvonne's handiwork for yourself.

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  1. Your tables setting is very beautiful. You did a fantastic job.