Monday, November 28, 2011

Rush Rush Rush is Bad

I needed to get to the post office today. I had a couple of packages to mail. But one thing led to another, and then another. And then all of the sudden it was 4:20! And I didn't even have the packaging yet!!

So I flew down the hill and stopped at the store to get what I needed. But I neglected to bring (or buy) scissors. So, what should have been a simple wrapping job quickly became a chore. And let's not forget that the clock was tick-tick-ticking away.

So, I was standing in the passenger door of my car wrapping up (aka: doing battle with) my packages when all of the sudden I heard a man's voice right behind me. It startled me so badly that I jumped.... and screamed....out LOUD!!

Can you believe it?? It was kind of like:

Or maybe even like:

Now, for the record, this is my standard reaction any and every single time I cross paths with a rattlesnake. Any snake really. And actually, that is usually how I become aware of the presence of a snake. All of the sudden, without warning, I am jumping up and down and screaming like a lunatic. All of that happens, and THEN I look around to see what is going on, and sure enough there is always a rattlesnake near-by.

Except today. There was no rattlesnake anywhere to be seen. Just a nice little old man holding the newspaper. And backing away. And saying how sorry he was to have frightened me.

Good Grief!!

Turns out he was lost and just needed directions.

I repeat: Good Grief!!

So, after both of our hearts started beating again, I was able to direct him to his destination (1 street over!) and then jump in my car and race for the post office. And I got there with eight minutes to spare!! Which would have been perfect, except they closed at 4:00, not 5:00.

I repeat: Good Grief!

It is just never good to be in a rush. And apparently, it is also not good to ask a stranger, who is wrapping packages in her car, for directions. I'm just sayin'....

PS: I did not take those 2 photos. I downloaded them from my favorite free photo site. And how perfect was it to find a corgi and a black cat, since I have both!


  1. LOL oh i know the feeling! A day late and a Dollar short! Better luck next time! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. OMG....LOL that was so funny....and the pictures added a bunch to the I mean belly laugh...

  3. This post made me chuckle because it sounds like me. :D

  4. Oh my goodness!!! It was as funny reading it as it was hearing it!