Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8: Ile d'Orleans

This auto tour of the Ile d'Orleans is, with out a doubt, my favorite day so far.
The island itself is easy to access and the self guided tour has been clearly laid out by those in charge. And each and every stop is just fantastic!

The island is very agrarian, and the farmers aren't just farmers they are also artisans who offer their harvests for sale in all manner of wonderful ways. And the diversity in products...amazing. There are wine and cheese makers. Vinegar makers and apple orchards. Cideries and bakeries. Breweries, butchers, fish places and fruit stands. Then there are fine artisans who offer all manner of art from canvases to glass and jewelry and pottery. There are old churches and garden shops and even a few restaurants and hotels. And of course, nice people and lovely homes.

Here is a little taste of it all.

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