Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2: Ordering Dinner

It was time for dinner and we needed to get some gasoline. So my guy said that I should go get us a sandwich while he pumped the gas.
No way jose! I thought that we needed to go in together to order our first meal in French. And as a matter of fact, maybe he needed to show me how it was done!
So, we walk into the very scarey Subway next to the gas station and hoped that the employees were not related to Mr None-To-Nice.
My guy immediately announced that he was going to the bathroom and left me standing there all alone. Oh great!
The girl behind the counter greeted me with a sweet little "Bonjour" which seemed like a good start. I returned the greeting and began to check out the menu. To my great relief, everything on it was recognizable!
So when my guy came back we decided on the Italian BMT, which was called Italien BMT in French. Easy right?
So, he walks up to order, greets the girl with a bonjour, and then...freezes. He looks at the girl and then the menu and then the girl....and finally he says "Do you speak English?"
I just couldn't even believe it!
"A little bit", the girl says to my guys great relief. He ordered in English and that was that.

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