Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 12: The Norman Rockwell Museum

We stopped in to see some of Norman Rockwell's works.
I love his art. I love that he portrayed Americans as Americans saw themselves. I love the wholesomeness of it. The patriotism. The heroism. The colors. The expressions. The mischief. The sincerity. The young and the old. The seashore and the country. And I love that you can walk into one of his exhibits and know that you will not see anything morbid or naked. I know that that is not everyone's preference, but it is mine.

Freedom of Worship, 1943.

Cobbler studying Doll's Shoe, 1921

Girl Reading the Post, 1941.

Facts of Life, 1951.
This one was particularly hilarious to me. That look on the boy's face is priceless!

Going and Coming, 1947.

My guy liked the story these two told.
Fishing Trip, They'll be coming back next week, 1919.

The catch, 1919.

Family Home from Vacation, 1930.

Vacation's Over, 1921.

Mother Tucking Children into Bed, 1921.

Girl at Mirror, 1954.

A little kid has lots of heroes, 1961.

Saying Grace, 1951.

The gossips, 1948.

Day in the life of a little girl, 1952.

Day in the life of a little boy, 1952. It was not part of the museum's collection but you can see it here.

And somehow, I cannot find the pictures of our favorites!!
So, my favorite is called Hallowe'en (1920) and you can see it here.

And my guy loved The Shiner (1953). See it here.

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