Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I went to the Bakersfield Business Conference last Saturday.
It was probably the best conference I have ever been to!

There were 3,000 flags on the grounds. 10 foot flags. Each representing a life lost on 9-11. The display was outstanding.

Wow, 10,499 other patriots also showed up for the event!

Very exciting.

The number one reason I went was to see....

Sarah Palin.

She is a great speaker! Her clarity on the issues and ability to call it like it is, is very admirable.
She spoke about how we got to this point in our country and where we go from here. The crowd loved her!

Laura Bush was another excellent speaker. And a favorite among our little group of ladies.

What a treasure she is. Such elegance and grace. A beautiful soul, who just stole our hearts.

She spoke about her life and her time in the White House. She had us laughing and crying at her stories about George and the family.

Politically, one of the things that she spoke about were the Bush-Bashers. She said that all of the bashing bothers her, of course, but that she does not let it get to her. And there are two reasons why. First of all, she KNOWS who she is and who George is. Trash-talkers cannot change those truths. And secondly, "This is America and the freedom of speech is our nation's sacred music". To try and control that would be to undermine all that we stand for as Americans.
That kind of dignity, in the face of ugliness is who she is. What a true blessing it was to have had her as our First Lady.

Mr and Mrs Cheney also spoke about their time in the White House and the events of 9-11.

I believe that he said he had served under 5 of our most recent 6 republican presidents.
He talked about the things that make a president. In his opinion, the two key factors are: 1) who he is as an individual and 2) what crisis comes to the forefront during his administration.

Now, my favorite speaker of the day was Rudy Giuliani. I could just go on and on and on about what he had to say, but I won't. The synopsis, however, includes: his time as mayor of NYC, 9-11, welfare reform, fighting crime, leadership, President Bush, and his personal battle with cancer. And, it is part of the cancer talk that I want to share with you. He said that the day before he was diagnosed, he was in grave danger but he did not know it. So, the day he was diagnosed with cancer was the luckiest day of his life because now he was able to do something about. A born optimist!
I used to work with a girl, PG for short, who was the most optimistic person I have ever known. I just loved that about her. But now she may be #2. However, being an optomist herself and a Giuliani fan, she probably won't mind.

The last person I am going to talk about is Captain Sully. He was our surprise speaker. And what a good speaker he was. He defined courage as the discipline to do what is required in spite of fear. Now, we have all probably heard some version of this definition before, but I have never heard it include the word discipline. And I don't believe I have ever heard it directly from the mouth of a national hero. Somehow that just makes it all the better of a definition.
Secondly, he spoke about the need to cultivate extraordinary virtues in ourselves and others, so that when extraordinary circumstances present themselves we will be prepared to preform extraordinary acts. Great words of wisdom that we would all be blessed to live by.

I am including a link here to a recreation of the Captain's heroic landing.

There were many other excellent speakers. I have only shared with you those whom I favored. And, I hope that you have found a nugget or two of wisdom or direction that you can use for yourself!

Now in closing this very long post, let me just say that I came home feeling pumped up and hopeful about the politics of our nation. But then I heard about the "transaction tax" and some of the new voter fraud schemes that are running rampant. And, just like that, I was back in the thick of this big fat mess we're living in!!
Now, I don't know about you, but I am voting 5 minutes before the polls close this time because if someone else is fraudulently voting under my name, I want to know about it!
See you at the polls.

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  1. That's a switch for you Mom! You're usually at the polls early!