Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Mice and Yahtzee

My guy, aka Mr. Competitive, is having a rough go these days.

First of all there are mice. In the house. Again.

Now, we developed an off and on problem with mice 7 or 8 years ago when our daughter got her first horse. When you get a horse, you need hay. And apparently, hay comes with mice. I have tried buying mice-free hay, but it simply does not exist. no-such-thing!

So, we have mice. Lots of the them. Mostly over by the hay shed (where the cats have taken up permanent residence). But sometimes they wander over to the house. The mice, not the cats.

And when that happens my guy becomes the Great White Mouse Hunter.

He has a system. Old fashioned traps and peanut butter. Works every time!

Except this time.

This time, the mouse has managed to lick every single trap clean. Night after night.
And my guy is ticked!

So, he is upping his game. No way is he gonna be out done by a mouse.

This is what he calls "sensitivity adjustment".

"And it will work, too. You just watch".

I'll keep you posted.

His second issue involves a little hand-held, computerized Yahtzee game. And me.

Now, I am not that competitive. I like to play games for fun. But, when I manage to beat one of these uber-competitive players...well.....I like to rub it in.

I know, I know! It is so NOT nice. But there is just something about that kind of pot-stirring mischief that appeals to me. Pray for me friends. I really do need it.

So, back to the game. I think that Yahtzee is a game of chance. You either win or you don't. But, my guy disagrees. He has a "system". He absolutely refuses to reveal his system, even to me, but I can tell you that he wins at Yahtzee A LOT. So, it must be a pretty good system!

Well, a few days ago I was playing the game and came up with the new high score, 421. And then, later that same night I won again with 454. That's right people, 454. Mama's new high score.

Well. my guy flipped. He has never gotten out of the 300's. Ever.

"How many yahtzees did you get"?
"What is your system"?
(What! Reveal my system! Never!! Never mind that I don't have a system.)
"Are you crazy? I am not just going to tell you my system. It is a secret".
"You don't have one, do you"?
"Yes, I do". (liar liar pants on fire!)
"Then what is it"?
"You go first. What is your system"?
"No way. I know that you don't actually have a system".
"Yes I do. And it happens to be called the "Kick Armando's Butt at Yahtzee System. And it is clearly better than your system, because guess who has the highest score. That's right, 454".
Grumble, Grumble.

So, everyday my guy comes home and plays a few rounds of Yahtzee. And he is "modifying" his system. To date, the only thing that the modification has produced is his "lowest score ever"!

I'll keep you posted on this one too!

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