Monday, January 10, 2011


It has been cold lately. Even on the central coast of California.
41.5 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. That was several days ago.

Now, we are on a road trip, and it is even colder!
13 degrees in Amarillo tonight. And it is only 10pm!!

And, here is an interesting phenomenon.
Everywhere we go, everybody is watching the weather channel.
Truck stop for gas and a potty break: the weather channel.
Carl's Jr for some iced tea: the weather channel.
Target because I forgot my hairspray: the weather channel.
The hotel lobby: the weather channel.

Thanks to all this weather channel-ing, I can tell you that it is supposed to get down to 3 degrees tonight, with a strong wind advisory. Not good news for this California girl who does not even own a jacket!

And, one more thing. Our windshield is in need of washing. But......

...too bad! (that was at 5 in the afternoon.)


  1. Yikes! That is really cold. You should get a jacket!

  2. You stopped for hairspray and not a jacket? What are we going to do with you?! I hope they keep that quilt show warm! It's good to 'hear' you are still moving though.