Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cowgirl Rides

The end of another school year is upon us.

Our little cowgirl is about to graduate with her degree in equine studies.
And this weekend is the culmination of a year's worth of work. The big "Sale", where the students sale the horses they have spent the last 1-2 years breaking and training. Our cowgirl had 2 horses in the sale: Whizard, a tall sorrel gelding and Boots a short little dark bay gelding. Today was the preview, where the students showed off all that their ponies could do.

Step one was to cross a "creek", and I use the word creek loosely. It looks a lot more like a river to me! Just last week it was too high for them to cross! None-the-less, here comes Becca with her tall horse. I was so proud of her, she just rode up to it like it was just another routine part of the day. And, let me just say, it was her very first time ever crossing a creek! Brave, that's what she was, Brave!

He walked right out into the water, easy as you please.

Now here she comes with her short horse.

He was having NONE of this water business!

She could not get him any further than this, he just kept turning around and coming back. Then he really started to act up, but I don't have any pictures of that because I was too busy praying. Specifically, I was asking for an angel. And good angel to lead them across, safe and sound. (And I am not kidding about that either!!)

And low and behold, God sent us an angel. And hot dog! He was dressed up just like a cowboy and he was ridin' a horse! And as soon as Boots saw him step into the water, he followed suit. Easy as you please.

My heart survived too, but I am gonna need another box of hair-dye, pronto!

Then it was off for some arena work. This is Whizard, the tall horse.

Cowboys/girls are big on this log dragging thing. I see it happen at every horse show I go to. But I don't really get it.

Time to work a cow.

WOW! Look at that cowgirl ride.

Time to show off Boots, the short horse.

And let him work his cow.

And how about a little ropin'. Go Becca!

That's my baby girl. She ROCKS!!

PS: The angel turned out to be another student. His name is Jeremy and he was riding a horse called Cole. He just rode in to help my girl out of a tricky situation. I love Jeremy.

And let me just end with two videos of Becca riding her sale horses. The first one nearly gave me a heart attack!! I did not send her off to college to learn to "trick ride".

Link One (Whizard)

Link Two (Boots)

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