Monday, February 13, 2012

Block 6: The Cake Stand

Hello BOM Quilters!!

Please don't be too hard on me for getting to this at the last minute.
It has been a very busy day here. Crazy busy!!
But it is STILL Monday here in California (just barely). ((Wink)).

As promised, it is time to start putting all of your pieces together.

First, you are going to sew your 6 large string blocks together.

Then you are gonna add a little cake stand. A place to show off your pumpkin.

Do you like it??

Tips for Block 6.
~Be sure to turn off all scaling options when you print because this pattern has a template.
~If you have a problem area in your string blocks, think about positioning it in the center (so it will be covered by the pumpkin).
~Be sure to cut away the background that is underneath the cake stand. It will quilt up much more nicely if all of those seams are not accentuated.

I think that is it.
Happy stitching.

Get the pattern here.

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