Monday, April 9, 2012

April POM

April's Pincushion is finally here.
Pineapple Crush
Maybe you have been hoping to see this one highlighted! (Or maybe you knew it would be because I told you about it at a recent quilt show....)

This is one of our best selling pincushions.
It's small, like most of the pincushions here at Sewn into the fabric...
But, unlike ALL of the rest, this one does not show off a button. Actually, if you have a copy of one of the original patterns, or one of the early cushions, you know that it started out with a button. It was right in the middle of the leaves. But I eliminated it because the leaves look so much nicer when they get nestled down deep into the pineapple top.

This one is easy to make. And it will bring a little taste of the islands right into your studio!
You can access all of the ordering options here.

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