Thursday, November 8, 2012

H is for...

Harvest Moon!

And to be honest, any moon will do.
The lesser light. But the unpredictable light.
If you are an astronomer or a scientist of some kind, then 
maybe it isn't unpredictable to you, but to me....
Where will I see it tonight?
Or will it be bright and shining in the middle of the afternoon?
Will it be white or yellow or orange?
Huge and just beyond the horizon?
Or just a sliver sailing across a star studded sky?

And then there is the power it wields over the tides. 
The tides of the whole earth.
To come and to go.
To be high and then low.
To crash and to roar.
To tumble glass as smooth as the waters themselves.
To carry messages in bottles all around the globe.

Yes, the moon is fascinating to me.

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