Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scissor Love

How many pairs of scissors do you have in your studio/sewing room?

I probably have a dozen pair. Maybe more.
They all get used. Regularly.

Let me show you five of my favorites.
The two pair with patterned handles, those are Ginghers. They are the work horses of the studio.
The little swordfish pair, those are my newest addition. I just picked them up at a show and they are going into a little handwork case.
The red nippers live by my sewing machine and I use them when I am piecing.
And the thin, curvy nippers, I use those when I machine quilt.

The right tool for the job, and all that jazz!

And how about that fabric? I just picked it up at a flea market. And I think I might be in L-O-V-E!!

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