Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pears and More

My friend Carolyn taught a collage quilt class awhile back (like 2 years ago).
I was out of town and did not get to go, but I held on to the hope that someday I would actually get to make a collage project myself.

Well, someday FINALLY came.
I had a plan, I had the scraps, I had the frame, and I had the time. Whoop Whoop!!
Here is how it started:

A couple of close ups:

And the finished project:

The pears were left over from an applique project. They were actually the cut-away back layer of an applique project.
The pink and orange fabrics were from the scrap bin.
The flowers in the bottom left--yep, leftovers from a couple of projects.
The scattering of hexagons...leftovers.
The leaves on the pears...leftovers.
And the embroidery floss was just bits and pieces that were left on several floss cards.
The frame, of course, came from a yard sale.

The whole thing just makes me happy!


  1. Your quilts are happy! Delightful colors, touch of whimsy.

  2. It should make you happy. It is adorable