Friday, September 26, 2014

Aging is Bad

Last year, I was having a couple of health issues that caused me to go in and see my favorite doctor. A few weeks later I was in the hospital having surgery.
It was a giant bummer.

Earlier this summer I started having a little trouble with a couple of my teeth.
I went in to see my favorite dentist. And over the course of the next few weeks I had to have some extensive work done that included complications that landed me in both the oral surgeon's office and the periodontist's office.
It was a giant bummer.

And if all of that is not bad enough, I feel like my vision is slipping.
Go see the eye doctor??
No way. So far these visits have not really gone well.
I have been putting it off and putting it off....
Then today I am driving in the car with my guy and I realize that he can see better than I can.
Well, that did it. I walked right in to Costco (home of the world's best optometrists) and asked if they could fit me in. Yes, they could, and a few nervous and dreadful hours later I was being seen by a nice doctor who told me that my diagnosis was "the bad bad B word".
Oh gosh.
And then he just sat there quietly, looking at me and waiting for me to pronounce the "B word".
I was starting to feel a big-fat-freak-out coming on, but I was able to hold it together long enough to utter the word..."Blind?".

"No! Bifocals. That is the problem with patients like you. You have 20/20 vision your whole life, and then when things start to get a little soft around the edges you think you can't see anymore...." blah blah blah. He had lots more to say on the matter, but none of it was bad. No blindness. No surgery. No specialists. Just bifocals. I can live with that.
Giant bummer avoided!

So, the next time you see me I will be sportin' a nice new pair of glasses (over my perfectly not blind eyes!).


  1. I remember when I had to get reading glasses. I can still see great 2 miles away, but can't see anything close!!

  2. Rama, I feel your pain because I am in the same boat. Every summer I schedule all my doctor visits since I am off for two months and they are always bad. I figured I will just stop going to the doctor. Lol

  3. You just made me LOL!