Monday, February 9, 2015

Memory Quilt

Have you ever been tasked with making a memory quilt from baby clothing?
I recently faced this challenge.

A little bag of baby clothes arrived at my house, via my guy, with a request for a memory quilt. Of course, I was glad to be asked BUT the bag of clothes was all knits. Apparently babies are against cotton. They hate it. Only knits will do for their sweet-smelling snuggliness.
That was a year ago. One year of guiltily moving the bag out of my way, then moving it into the closet and finally shoving it into the deep, dark recesses of said closet. Knits. What was I supposed to do with all those knits.

Well, the time finally came when I could not put it off any longer. I was down to 3 days before I would see my guy's family and I knew they were expecting us to arrive with a quilt.
As it turns out, I work well under pressure. Even when it come to quilting with knits.

The 2 green prints were actually cotton, but the rest were either knit, fleece, thermal or sports jersey. There were also lots of cute little appliques, which all made their way onto the quilt. The only fabric I added was the background, backing and binding.
What do you think?


  1. great way to use those fabrics and it came out so cute

  2. I think I LOVE it! I have a box of my first grandchild's clothes that need to be turned into a quilt but - as you noted - they're all knits. May I steal your idea? It's TERRIFIC!