Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Pink Thermos

Ok, this last summer, my family took a little vacation in Ireland. We had the absolute best time ever! The countryside and the people were wonderful. The driving was a little scary, but we survived.

So, while we were there we discovered the most FABULUOS store in the whole wide world. It is called Avoca, and we could not get enough of it. Well, my sweet hubby could. He was over it in about 2.5 seconds. But, he sat outside and chatted with the security guard while we shopped. Every half an hour or so, he would come in and remind us that he was still alive, and let us know where we could find him if we ever decided to leave!

Well, while we were there we bought some wonderful Christmas presents. My daughter, Becca, bought this thermos for me. I had been so tempted to buy it for myself, but I could not decided if I wanted a pink one or an ice blue one. And, buying both was out of the question.

What a FABULOUS surprise to get one for Christmas! And it looks so nice sitting on my white counter top. LOVE it. Thanks B.... (censored nickname for my sweet little daughter who cannot bare the idea that the "whole world" knows the little nickname her mother calls her)

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