Monday, July 26, 2010

Where's the Heat?

Today is July 26th.
It should be nice and hot.
But it isn't.
My indoor/outdoor thermometer says it is 64 and 63 degrees respectively.
That's it. The low 60s. In the North County. In July. During the Fair!!
What is going on??

My summertime needs are so not being met! I think someone should hold an intervention or something. Maybe a pow-wow or a prayer meeting or even a Summit. Or better yet, how about a BBQ or a beach bonfire or even a movie night in your backyard. And while you're at it, could you please invite me and my guy?!

So, to close out this post, here is a little more whining.

I want this:

But I have this (and, it is my second to the last jar):

I want this:

But I have this:

I want this:

But I have this:

Yep. This little whiner needs an intervention!


  1. You apparently have not hit menopause would be singing hallelujah :-)
    But I hear ya'. This is one weird weather year!

  2. Ha! When I first tuned in I saw your tomatoes I thot, "NO! Mine are hardly even starting to set fruit." Then I scrolled down...YUP. It has been a cool summer. Come on over and we'll roast some dogs over a fire in our backyard...maybe soak in the spa...maybe even jump in the pool for good measure...

  3. I would love some of that cooler CA weather, we are roasting out here in Oklahoma!!! I am missing CA on these hot summer days that don't cool down. I had to do a little whining when all I want is that cool coastal breeze.....HA!
    It is fun checking in on your blog!

  4. I recognize the rug under those flip flops!