Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Notions

Little Notions
August 6, 2010

I believe that I really hate this lousy economy!

I hope it changes some time in the near future. And while we are at it, I am really hoping for a different President and a few new Congressmen, too. And what is up with our INSANE legal system??? Aargh. Yesterday, I heard some lady call into a talk radio show and say that she thought that Californians were "stuck on straight-up stupid". And I really wanted to call in myself, in our defense. But I didn't. So, if you are that lady, and you are reading this VERY popular blog..... No we're not!!! ..Really....... We aren't, are we?????

I just love Marty Robbins and Eddie Rabbit. Old school, I know, but I just love their music.

I am inspired by fabric, of course!

I am creating a mariner's compass in blue, red and tan. And, tomorrow I am going to a mariner's compass workshop where I am going to start another one in fall colors. I just can't wait!

Outside the weather continues to be crazy. Melanie sent me this link, which explains what is going on in our little weather-world. It is pretty good, so check it out.

In my kitchen is a little box of micro-greens that a dear friend gave me. We have never had any before, so I have been looking forward to trying them. So, I made salads for me and my guy for lunch today. (BTW, my guy is NOT a veggie person. He will eat them, sometimes he doesn't even complain about it, but he is a meat lover. MEAT.)
It was the worst salad ever!
When my guy came in for lunch, he was a little sad to see those in his salad.
"Is that sprouts", he asked.
"Nope. It's micro-greens".
"Good, because I really hate sprouts".
Pray. Chew. Chew. Grouchy look.
"These are going on the sprouts list".
Chew. Chew.
"Do you like these"?
"Not really".
"Geez, you know it's bad if YOU don't even like them. The jalapeno ranch dressing is the only reason these are even tolerable".
"There is another container of them in the fridge".
Grouchy look. "I bet chickens just love micro-greens".

A photo thought about my daughter, 2 cute little boys and 2 cute little quilts.


  1. Haha! Your story about cracked me up! The sprouts list....I would like to point out though, that he does prefer green eggs...they taste better you know!

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  3. I love this about the greens!
    Amen sister about our crazy government!
    Happy stitching!!