Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off to College

We are in the midst of a whirlwind of activity. Moving our baby girl off to school has proven to be a whole lot more work than sending our first-born off to the local university.

So here's the scoop. I am sitting outside of a little burger shack called the Polka Dot, at a picnic table under the shade trees and I actually have internet reception! I am also covered in little green bugs and yellow jackets, but the 2 little babbling creeks that run through the dining area sort of make up for it. And, I say dining area because that is what it is. There is only outdoor seating here!

Anyway, my guy is down at the college with Becca trying to get her financial aid problems worked out. She had received a very helpful little award, which was pivotal in her decision to come to this school. But now that we are here, it has been canceled.

That's right, CANCELED. Now that she has quit her job, relocated, rented a place to live, turned on the utilities, settled her horse in, started classes, and made this big giant commitment, now they cancel her financial aid. You can bet that I have plenty to say about this! Plenty. So, I have been banished to the Polka Dot where the only people I can talk to are my fellow bloggers. And the little green bugs.

Ok, on a lighter note.....

What does it take to move a little cowgirl and her pony off to college? A LOT, that's what.

First of all, you have to load up all of her earthly possessions....

Ok, almost nothing actually fit in her truck, but it was a start.

Then you load up the pony, which means you need a horse trailer.

Now, it is essential that you bribe her with plenty of food because you already know that she is going to hate this long trip.

And you have to have a vehicle to pull it with.

Now, she is gonna need a place to live for 10 days because there was a glitch with her rental.

And a vehicle to pull it.

And, most importantly, a vehicle to transport her guy who is definitely not ready to say good-bye.

I really wanted a picture of the whole caravan, but this was the best I could do. The other 2 vehicles headed back up the hill to get the 2 bags of rice bran that we forget to load up. Thank goodness we were a mere mile from the house!

Also of note, was a sobbing sister, whom I did not get a photo of.

Ok, off and running like a herd of turtles.

Lots of scenery. Or a lot of nothing as the case may be.

Then a little big city driving. Always fun with trailers!

Then a lot of beautiful.

And a horse who wanted OUT!

And time was passing....

And we were still driving....

And we were still driving...

And we got pulled over by the Fuzz...No front license plate on the Miata.
And it was really hot.
And there was the pink fruit stand fiasco.
And finally we were there.
Tired, and grumpy, and hungry, and sad, and tired.

And that was just the beginning....


  1. What an adventure Rana! I hope everything gets worked out with the financial aid for Becca!
    I'm sure that the "sobbing sister" appreciates very much that a photo of her tears wasn't posted :-)

  2. Oh my..the adventures you have to tell. Will be praying this financial aid thing gets worked out. You did such a good job getting her and her beautiful horse all the way up there.
    Nice photos of the trip.

  3. Okay, this financial aid thing sounds rotten. Do keep us posted! Sort of glad the sobbing was from Court. I was afraid it was YOU! This was a real EVENT! How good that you have documented it so well for the family history books. Don't let those yellow jackets eat you! Miss you!!

  4. I think that you need to add the facebook "like" feature to your blog...I would use it. Instead I will just say that I "like" Laura's post!

  5. Oh Rana, you are so brave! Can't believe a school could actually DO that?!!
    I'll send up a prayer..
    we'll miss you tonight. I am assuming you won't be back-where IS this beautiful place you are taking her?