Friday, July 29, 2011

The 2011 Progressive Reveal

The 2011 progressives are finally done!
This year's format was:
~Start with whatever you wanted. Stray blocks, new blocks, no blocks. Whatever.
~Each month participants had to add something to the quilt from a predetermined list of options.
~The "options" were submitted at the beginning of the year, 1 from each member, and included:
~Add something green, preferably lime.
~Add at least one star block.
~Add something left over from another project.
~Add an inscription, somewhere, on the quilt.
~Add prairie points.
~Cut something up and refashion it.
~Add something, a block or technique, that you have never tried before.
~Add red or black.
~Add some embroidery.

With that list in mind, here are the quilts.

This is Loris' quilt. She started with the center mariner's compass.

This is Melanie's quilt. She started with 3 vintage blocks, the 2
matching red ones and the one that got cut up and put in the four corners.

This is Trish's quilt. She started with bright colored flannels.
And somewhere along the way it magically morphed into this!

This is mine! I started with 2 of those funny quarter arcs.

This is Vangie's. She started with a panel.

This is Lucretia's. She started with an assortment of embroidered blocks.

These are Linda's. She started with the pastel colored stars.

This is Le's. She started with an assortment of embroidered blocks.

This is Launi's. She started with one of those big stars that got cut in half.

And last, but not least, is Barb. She started with a boatload of giant basket blocks. (Sorry this is upside down, but when I flip it it looks so distorted that upside down is definitely better!)

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