Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going Green

This used to be the ugliest spot in my yard.

But not anymore!
The cannas (those broad leaves in the back) are my favorite. Grandpa George gave them to me quite a few years ago, and they just keep spreading and filling in. Don't you just love the way the light shines through them! Beautiful.
And the lambs ear (right up front), that started with a little 4" pot. It is also a good filler. And the leaves are so soft and such a pretty shade of grey-green.

Right next to those plants is a beautiful asparagus fern. (Full of oak leaves, of course, because we live under 24 GIANT live oaks!)

I actually have three of these beauties. I bought them at the grocery store about 9 years ago and planted them out back on a whim. And they took. Not only took, but thrived!! Aren't they wonderful?

So, all of that to say that I think "Going Green" is a great idea!!

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