Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The word "retreat" means very different things to me and my camo guy (see this post).
To me "retreat" starts out like this:

And then a little of this gets added:

And a little more:

And a little more.
We nearly overwhelmed the M&M's.
That would never do! So, I guess survival played a role in my "retreat" too.
We were forced to tame those little blocks!

A little piecing on the deck of a lovely little cabin belonging to my bff's
sister brought all of those rail fence units into block form (the taming).

And a little more piecing and tada (a front a part of a back):

And then after a little quilting done back at home:

So what was with all of those millions of little rail fence blocks in funky fabrics?
A friend of ours, the lovely and talented Joan, gave Melanie and I a BIG shoe box full of them. They were vintage and hand pieced. And they had been carefully sorted into stacks of 100 and rubber banded together. There were SO SO MANY of them! I used 270 of them on my top and another 54 on the back. Melanie used just as many, and there are still lots of blocks left!

Anybody want a few (hundred) little rail fence blocks? Let us know!!

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  1. What a wonderful, wonderful quilt!!! Sounds and looks like you had a great place to put this quilt together and enough chocolate to get you through!!! LOVE it!! Kris