Sunday, October 30, 2011

Losing is Bad

I know I have been MIA.
For a while.
A long long while.
And I am sorry about that.
But I am almost ready to resume my regular life.
Market goes for another week, and then I will have some stuff to share.
Like the new pattern line.....ohhhh, ahhhhh.

Ok. Enough groveling and excuse making.
I really just wanted to check in and complain.
Because that's what I do.
Ok, not really. But I have some new followers and they might think that.
Since I am just popping in to complain.
On a Sunday.
From Houston.
What a whiner.

So here's the deal.
This is my booth here in Houston.
I am number 2054.

Isn't it a fab booth?!

My guy isn't impressed with it at all.
He still can't believe I had him pack a door and a tree.
To haul "all the way to Texas"??!!
And don't even mention that pumpkin topiary or the big trunk.

But who cares what he thinks.
This is a prize winning booth!!
Come on man, get in the spirit!
Give me a "W". Give me an "I". Give me an "N".
Ok, enough of that pep business.

Anyway, I know that they judge the booths after hours.
So every night before we leave, I sweep the floor and tidy and fluff.
Oh, the anticipation.
I can hardly stand it.

So, today they made the big announcement.
And wouldn't you know it, I was busy talking to shop owners and I missed the whole thing.
Did I win?? Did I??
Maybe my guy heard it.
But no, a few minutes later he appeared asking me if I had won.
He too had missed the announcement.
So he headed off to find out.......

And guess what?
I wasn't even considered for a prize because I have a half-booth.
All that sweeping and fluffing and door hauling, and I wasn't even considered.
This is such a bummer.
Half booth. It's like being sub-human.
Not even considered.

Oh well. Better luck next time and all that jazz.

And if you would like to read about more of the "Bad" things I like to complain about, click here.


  1. If you had only known the rules of the competition before you did all the extra work. I think that they should treat the smaller vendors better, they once were small and you have to start somewhere. Why not a prize for the best Half-booth?

  2. I agree w/Marj! Hope all is well there! We are enjoying Lizzy! No accidents anywhere in the house!

  3. Oh, and LOVE your booth!

  4. Oh Mom! Your booth turned out so cute! What a shame it wasn't even in the running...Hope all is going well! The chickens & the plants are alive so I guess things are going well here too....oh & no union yet!

  5. you are a winner in my book. love your booth.

  6. sorry you didn't win. Your booth is really cute!

  7. your booth looked should have won the half booth catagory!!

  8. I'm a little late in commenting on this but have to voice my opinion.
    There should be a half booth category! What the heck, why don't they ??? That sucks.
    Your booth was awesome, the tree and door were a great idea.