Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And so it continues...

Remember when I was fretting day and night over that little mama squirrel with a nest of babies? (Memory-Refreshing link here.)  And when my friends gave me some good solid advice about squirrel management? (More memory-refreshing here.) And the apricot debacle of 2012 (again with the refreshing.)

Well I now have another reason to regret that foolish choice, and here it is....

We were at Spring Market in Portland when this happened. These cherries don't usually ripen until Memorial Day weekend, so we had plenty of time to get home and get them netted. But, the squirrels apparently like them pink-ish and sour.

Now this probably was a combination of squirrels and birds, but you can bet those darn squirrels were in the mix. Does anyone know where I can get an owl? A big hungry one???

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