Saturday, July 14, 2012

Girls and Squirrels

My apricot crop was looking mighty good.
To me and to the birds.
So, it was time to pull out my fool-proof bird deterrent.
It looks a whole lot like Christmas tinsel.
And it works like magic!

Becca was home that morning, so she helped me out.
This is some of her handy work. She was a little tinsel-crazy.

When I asked her why she used so much tinsel for just one apricot she said...
"This one was all alone and I thought it might get singled out".
Spoken like an adorable little pipsqueak!!

Anyway, that was on July 3rd.
We picked the ripest ones and took them camping with us.
But when we got home, almost all of the rest were gone!! Over 100 apricots gone in 2 days!!
I was so..... mad.
There wasn't a single pit on the ground. And the tinsel has never failed me before. So...what my apricots???

Well, there was nothing to do about it. And my second tree was close to ripening so I just let it slide. Until yesterday, when I saw a squirrel in my tree.
I went out to check on the situation and ALL OF THE FRUIT WAS GONE!! Over 100 apricots again!!

Oooooooohhhhh.... this means war.

And let me tell you something else.
My guy made us a miniature version of the game corn-hole to take on our camping trip.
Actually, he made the wooden part and Becca and I made the bean bags. Cute red, white and blue ones. Cute ones!!

Well, we left them on the game board one day after we had played. Later that afternoon we wanted to play again, but we couldn't find the bean bags anywhere. We asked the neighbors and the said that they thought that had seen the squirrels dragging them around. Well, we went looking around and sure enough....

This is the only one we could find.

But it tells the whole story.

So for the record, it's Squirrels 2.....Mama 0.

But, I have this beautiful crop of Green Gage plums about to come in (and a testy new attitude)...

So I am thinking that something is about to change.


  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea they ate fruit like that!

  2. What happen with no pits on the ground ? neighbors.....

  3. Wow, didn't know squirrels would do that. We had probem with porcupines. They destroyed 2 plum trees and 2 cherry trees. They would eat the new tender shoots striping the tree of the branches. Grrrr. Now we have to we contentwith berry shrubs.

  4. I would be suspicious it was a human varmint that took all the fruit. Time for a hidden nanny cam?