Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fawn Season

It's the tail end of fawn season around here. They all getting big and their little spots are poised to start disappearing very soon.
There have been a lot of babies this year, more than usual for sure. And of even more interest has been the large number of twins! They are all over the place. Especially when I don't have a camera handy....

But, I did manage to get a couple of cute pictures of singletons this year...

This doe and fawn were early morning grazers just across the street.

And this curious little guy and his mama were right out the back door.
Don't you just love those big ears?!


  1. What an ahhhhhhh moment. Don't you just love the babies?


  2. Did your fawn season start late? We've just now started seeing fawns appear (and the baby racoons, too), which is far later than it's been in years past. We wondered if it was because of the extreme heat early in the spring/summer. And there aren't near as many, either -- one set of twins and three singles. But gosh they're so cute! The does that were left from last season were mostly yearlings and two-year-olds; it appears that a lot of the older does fell to the hunting season. I love your little big-eared fellow!