Monday, September 16, 2013

Diaper Duty

We have some sweet friends who are expecting their first baby.
A girl!
Due in October.

So, of course, it is baby shower time!
I have not been in the baby-shower-season-of-life for a little while now, but it seems like that is about to change. Lots of young people in my daughters' age range are starting to have babies, so I am back in the loop. Hurray! 

This friend requested a diaper bag in pink, white and gray. I used my own pattern (Baby Zoe, and you can get it here if you are interested) to make one for her. The "E" is for Eden. Adorable, right! The name, not the bag.

So back to the shower....We really enjoyed it.
That's right "we". As in me AND my guy.
It was a first for him, and me. A couples shower.
He nearly balked when I told him he was invited, but then he remembered how much he cares for the parents-to-be, and agreed to go. And by remembered I might mean "was reminded repeatedly"!
Fortunately, it was not too girly, which he was very worried about. No tea sandwiches or funny little games. Nope, this was a tri-tip and beer, bbq in the park with plenty of other men to play horseshoes with. So he was able to overlook the daddy-to-be's bright neon pink t-shirt, the diaper cake and a mountain of pastel color packages. He was a real trooper.

Now tell me, are couples showers the latest trend??  I am so out of the loop!!

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