Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snail Trouble

I made pesto for dinner tonight.
Lots of basil in the garden these days, and it's just too hot to cook, so pesto is the perfect dinner.

I picked it all, brought it in, washed it, stripped off all of the leaves, and loaded it into my food processor. A triple batch. Then, as I was cleaning off the garlic I spotted this in my sink.

Yep, I jumped! And yelped. Not that I am scared of snails mind you. On the contrary, I am a wicked snail killer. But good grief...a snail in the sink. That's a first. And completely unexpected. It must have come in on the basil. (And yes, my old porcelain sink always looks like that. Trust me, it's clean.)

Now here's the thing. I understand organic. I understand home grown and hand picked and perfectly imperfect. And I KNOW that bugs crawl around on stuff. And I am okay with that. But the possibility of a second snail in the blender with the basil...oh boy. That is a whole different matter!!!

Fortunately, I had not blended it yet, so out it all came...basil, oil, parmesan, pine nuts....all of it. For a good sifting through. For peace of mind. For verification. For edibility.

And all was well. Unless you count the snail. Things didn't go well for him. He got a free ride in the garbage disposal. YIKES!
And yes, if you must know, I am now a little freaked out about the garbage disposal!!


  1. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar, it will kill the snails instantly. It will stain your leaves so try to not spray too much on the plant

  2. Gross! Although Veronica's gigantic slugs under the sink still top this.