Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Season of Change

My baby moved out on Sunday. Sniff-Sniff Hurray.
She is 21 and ready to be on her own.
We wanted her to move out, to be a big girl living on her own.
We raised her to be independent and capable, but to always lean on the Lord. It was time.
We are all really glad about it, even though she sleeps someplace else.
It is only five minutes away, but her room is empty.
Sniff-Sniff Hurray.
We are adjusting.

This is her old room, all empty and sad.

And this is her new smaller room, all crowded and in need of downsizing.

As she carried the last box out to the car, I noticed she looked a little sad.
I asked her if she was crying.
"Not yet," she said and burst into tears.
"My room is empty, Mom."
Then, I started crying.
Then her sister started crying.
As the three of us stood there in the driveway sobbing, my guy walked out of the house and saw us all huddled together and carrying on.
"Oh geez," was the proclamation he uttered before he disappeared back into the safety of the house, to wait out the dreaded crying jag.
Well, that was all it took to get us laughing.
Laughter in the midst of tears is such a sweet thing!

I'll close this post with some photos of my baby:

I love you Court!

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  1. Sheesh....well, at least you don't have a broken heart that I'm not at home anymore...and of all pictures you posted the one in NYC? Oh brother!