Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Notions

Little Notions
Friday, March 12

I believe that I am Irish, no matter what my People say.

I hope to visit Ireland again, in the not too distant future, and to connect with some families. I would like to get to know the country in a deeper way, not just as a tourist.

I just love Avoca!! Oh my, yes, I love Avoca. It is a shop in Ireland, and I understand that there is also one in Maryland, that is filled with all manner of things you do not need but cannot possibly live without. My pink thermos was bought there, and the photo of Becca "hamming it up" was taken there.

I am inspired by walled gardens! Yesterday's post got me thinking about them again. Man, I could really see myself tending one! Maybe I'll ask my guy about it again. I'm sure it will go over better this time....

I am creating a green string quilt. The block is a round-about, in honor of St Paddy's Day. When I told my girls about it, they both thought it was very funny, and appropriate. You see, on the roads of Ireland, everything is a round-about. Only the big cities have stop lights and signs. Everywhere else it is round-abouts. It's even how you get on the freeway (know in Ireland as carriageways and motorways).

I have learned how to make "champ". It is the national potato dish, and it is yummy! And it is NOT low in calories or fat!!

I am grateful for the ability to travel. It is a passion for me. We have been all over the USA and Canada. We have even made a trip to Mexico, but Ireland was our first trip abroad. And we sincerely hope it was the first of many!

I am reading Jane Eyre, still. And, even though it is not Irish, it is European. So, for today, that is close enough.

I really need to figure out the measurement conversions from metric to standard US so that I am not too intimidated to use my Irish cookbooks.

I really want another trip, of course!

Outside the county has turned green and beautiful. We even have and Irish Hills Plaza in a neighboring town, and this time of year it certainly does look authentic.

In my kitchen next week, an Irish feast will be prepared.

This week I have spent a lot of time reminiscing about our Irish vacation, as evidenced by this post!

A photo thought about...Ireland, of course!

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