Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Notions

I got a message from one of my blog "followers" last week complaining about the fact that I am "very inconsistent" in my Little Notions posting. She said that people were going to stop reading my blog because I do not meet their expectations. Good grief! I didn't know that blogging was so structured. And Heaven forbid that I start disappointing people world wide with my inconsistencies!!
And, if anyone happens to run into my Firstborn, will you tell her that she should be nicer to her mother!

Little Notions
May 14, 2110

I believe in the power of chocolate chip cookies!

I just love dinner parties. Tonight we are having several friends over for a rib bbq. Yum!

I am inspired by other bloggers. There are so many creative things happening out there that I never knew anything about before I became a blogger myself. Who knew.

I am creating several string quilts. What fun! Actually, I had visions of all of my scraps disappearing in a matter of minutes. Sadly, that has not happened. I have already made 1 child-sized quilt, 4 1/2 baby quilts and 2 tote bags and I cannot tell that I have used a single thing out of those boxes!

I am grateful for the Lord's provision! My guy has been out of work for almost two weeks, which is always such a giant bummer. But several small jobs have fallen into place over the last few days. So, Praise the Lord!

Outside it has been such a beautiful day. The temperature is perfect. Things are blooming everywhere. The bees and birds a flitting around everywhere.Some things have already started turning brown, but there is still a lot of green. It is just lovely.

A photo thought about today's harvest of fruit and flowers.


  1. Those kids say the darndest things :-)
    But the harvest sure looks good!

  2. Haha Mom...You're so funny. I like reading all of the notions...I love chocolate chip cookies...ribs! super yumm!!...I don't think you'll ever see the end of the scraps...and that is a beautiful harvest!!