Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pneumonia is Bad

Yes it's true, pneumonia is very bad. I have have spent the last 12 days in bed, sicker than I have ever been in my life. And, I hope to never be that sick again!

Now, the care I received from my family....pitiful. These people that live here with me are NOT in any danger of being awarded Humanitarian of the Year!

A typical exchange went something like this:
(My Guy) "You want some tea or something?"
"That would be nice."
"What kind?"
"Green tea with a little honey and lemon."
Time passes and I hear all kinds of noise in the kitchen. Then he stomps back down the hall with the green tea in his hand.
"This is the only green tea I can find."
"That's the only one we have. What's wrong?"
(Grumpy face) "It says green tea WITH WILD PLUM."
"That's the one I want."
He stomps back to the kitchen.Time passes. He comes back.
"Do you want regular honey or raw honey."
"Raw honey I guess."
He leaves. Time passes. He comes back.
"Do you want one or two spoons full."
"Good grief. More like 1/4 of a spoon full."
"And you want lemon?"
"Yes please. A lot of lemon."
He leaves. Time passes.He finally comes back with a mug of barely warm tea balanced on a saucer that is also filled with tea, and 1/2 of a lemon (a meyer lemon, which he probably had to dig through all of the regular lemons to find that one little meyer lemon tucked in the back).
"You can squeeze the lemon in yourself."
"Thanks Honey, this is perfect."

(My youngest daughter)
"Becca, is that you?"
She sticks her head in my room.
"It stinks in here."
"Thanks Bec. I haven't seen you in several days."
"I know. I don't want to get sick."
"So you don't even check on me or anything."
"I know your still alive Mom. I can hear you breathing and coughing all the time. Even when you're sleeping your breathing is loud."

(My oldest daughter)
"Hi Mom. Just checking to see how you are. Bye." Beep

Where is the love?
Anyway, I hope that all of you out in blogland are happy, healthy and well cared for!


  1. Oh my ever so sick friend! I soooo wish we lived closer. I wouldn't come spend much time with you since I would come with a very LOUD and BUSY set of triplet's and their two older brothers who can be a handful (just think about the picnic table one of the broke the last time we came to visit~ugh!). Because I love you and care deeply for you, I would send my soon to be a certified LPN daughter to REALLY take care of you. I love you and am praying for you. BIG hug, Tamy

  2. Haha Mom. If you answered the phone, the conversation would have been longer.