Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Covert Operations

My guy has been busy.
And a bit sneaky.

Just last night I was complaining about (I mean mentioning) our sliding glass door. It is so darn heavy that I can hardly get it open. And if I only have one hand available, like when I am carrying in a load of firewood or an overfull basket of eggs, I can't get it open at all. Could it be because I am 40ish and getting whimpy? Sniff sniff. But no, my guy thought that it was probably just worn rollers. (Who knew that doors even had rollers!) So, this morning I was headed out to walk the dog, and knowing that this door is a beast, I grabbed a hold of it and threw all my weight and energy into opening it and......nearly killed myself as it slid open easy as you please!! Good grief. You'd think he would have left a note or something!

Then, later this morning I was busy vacuuming the hall. Minding my own business. Home alone. And the next thing I know I jumped and started screaming. My guy had come home unexpectedly and called out Yoo-Hoo to announce his presence. Scared the bejeebers right out of me! And the funny thing was that I was jumping and screaming BEFORE I actually realized that I had heard something. Weird.

Actually, I have that same exact reaction whenever I cross paths with a snake. Moments before I realize that I am seeing a snake I start jumping up and down and screaming. It is the craziest thing. Kind of embarrassing too. Especially if you happen to be hiking the Glacier Point trail in Yosemite with about a hundred other people...

But, I digress. The reason that my guy had come home was because he had found himself a helper. And he needed one to do a little job for me. See this great old window:

Well, I use it as a quilt rack. When I first got it, it was white. But I thought that I wanted it to be a "color". So I asked my guy to paint it red. He did, and I hated it. So, my friend Wendy suggested this brown color. So he painted it again, and put Wendy on "visiting restriction". And I liked it ok for a couple of years. Now I hate it. I really just wish it was white. So guess what...

Sadly, this has happened several times recently. My guy has painted something a "color" for me and then I hated it. So now we are agreed that from this point forward he is going to remind me how much I like white and that it is a legitimate "color". If I try to insist that I want a "color" he is going to "snap me out of it" and then paint it white.

He is such a good guy.

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  1. glad you are still alive :-)
    you have got a good man there!
    I think white is a good color too.