Friday, February 4, 2011 Good

I am realizing that I have a label called bad and that I really enjoy writing about the things that fall into the "bad" category. Now, none of these things are really really bad and it is not even the "badness" that I enjoy. It is mostly the humor of the situation that appeals to me.

None the less, I feel like I need a "good" category to balance things out. So, let's start today (and this one is not even funny).

Pruning is good. Wow. Did you see that coming. Probably not.

But, I do love pruning. I love the simpleness of it. The process. The quiet. And the results, of course.

Grandpa George taught me to prune. And although he has a system, it is a pretty loose system. So it is easy to catch on. And he has a way about him that is easy and fun and non-critical so it is easy to jump in and try, even when you have no idea what you are doing. He put me on a three year training course. So every year, for three years, he would come by in the spring and we would prune all of my plants and trees together. Then on year four, I took over the job all by myself. And I truly enjoy doing it.

Here is the before of the yellow climbing roses that grace my garden gate. They are a mess.

And here is the after.

And just for fun, here is my rooster, Red. He has a crazy tail. But I like him!
He is a "good" rooster.

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