Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Guy and Cherry Pie

Yesterday was my Bible study meeting day. We are just about to finish up Beth Moore's study of The Patriarchs, Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (If you are looking for an excellent Bible study, I would heartily recommend this one to you!)

So, she mentions in the video that she is not a very good cook. (I know, this is so not where you thought this post was going. Sorry.) And she goes on to say that in her entire marriage her guy has never once announced that he has had a hankerin' for some of her cooking. The way she said it was just hilarious.

Well anyway, that got me to thinking that in my entire marriage my guy has ever said that to me either. And I am a good cook! Hey, what is up with that?!

So, last night I made bean soup and corn muffins for dinner. And for dessert...cherry pie. Yum.

When the pie came out of the oven, my guy announced that it looked "perfect" and that it looked like it had come from a "fancy bakery".

Well, don't you know I perked right up!
Perfect. Huh?!
Fancy bakery. Huh?!
I guess that's just as good as a "hankerin' ".

Yes, somehow I will manage to get by on "perfect".


  1. Now I've got a hankerin! I think you're a great cook!

  2. I have a hankerin for your Irish Beef Stew...hint, hint!

  3. You are a great cook and he is a great guy!