Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not Again!

Yesterday I was busily stitching away,
when all of the sudden it happened.
I ran out of fabric.

I dug through all of my scraps,
rounding up every little piece that was left.
But it was not enough.
Not enough by a 1 1/2" square!
Good Grief!!

So, then I was sitting on the floor of my studio thinking:
1- Why does this ALWAYS happen to me, and
2- Maybe head banging really works
When my little eye caught sight of this:

A pile of unfinished projects.
And inside that zippered bag, resides a dark colored scrap quilt.
And I was in need of a dark colored scarp.
Could it be?
Oh please, could it be?!

So I opened the bag and quickly scanned the partially made top.
And there it was. One single piece of THE fabric.
Right in the dead center.
And joy flooded my little soul!

It took me all of 2" to pick that piece right out of
there and press it into service elsewhere!

I am sure I have learned my lesson here.
Never again will I run out of fabric.
(que peals of wild laughter here, that fade off into the distance
as the quilter heads back to her sewing machine!)


  1. you can always come "shop" in my cupboards Rana!

  2. Rana! You always make me chuckle. I just love you!
    I am so looking forward to you teaching and the ladies are too!
    Luv ya