Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Day's To-Do List

The morning's harvest.

Well, not the tomatoes. We have no tomatoes.
Plants....yes. Green tomatoes....yes.
Red, ready to pick and eat tomatoes...no.
These tomatoes are a gift from my mom.
Thanks a million, Mom!

Now, my day is going to be all about "putting up" all of this produce.

Giant zucchini and Armenian Cucumbers.

I am thinking soup, bread, rice bowls and salad.


I am thinking pickled, like Mezzetta.

Bell Peppers.

These will just go into the fridge for my guy's AM omelets.

Green Beans.

I am thinking soup and rice bowls.


Definitely pickled, for future nachos!

Yellow Squash.

Yep, soup and rice bowls.

And this guy....

Well, he is gonna keep me company.
I have worked with him before. He is an excellent helper.

And in case my guy Jason gets tired, my boys Troy and
Eddie are waiting to jump in an keep things moving along.

Turns out, good help isn't all that hard to find after all!

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