Friday, August 9, 2013

Just for Fun

What's a girl to do when she is home alone on a Friday night??

Surf the web, of course!

According to the Royal Name Generator, if I had been born into royalty I would have been known as Archduchess Pebbles The Lioness. So way better than Rana!

And according to Texaneria, these are the ORIGINAL gluten free chocolate chip cookies that are all over Pinterest. I am making these for the cowgirl.

How about these great desktop wallpapers. I downloaded a waterfall and bookmarked the site for future use.

I found this recipe for Japanese cucumber salad dressing. It is almost exactly like the one I was trying to imitate.

And then there is this video.

Yep, this is so way better than backpacking. Better than walking around for hours with a giant pack on your back, sleeping on the ground, fishing your food out of the bottom of a bear-proof canister, pumping water out of the nearest creek, and digging your own potty.

It is so nice to be HOME alone on a Friday night!


  1. And Uncle Kidd was surprised that you never come....& they were all surprised to see me there. Getting kind of sad being the only girl on these trips. Maybe you should consider next year...