Monday, August 12, 2013

Moore Dollies

Good Morning blogger-peeps!

Check out this little collection of dollies with their own quilts and rolls with hot wheels cars in them.

Wanna know what is happening with all of this?
Ok, I will tell you.

We (as in my little quilt group and me) made these as part of the relief effort for Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. (Remember the monster tornado that did SO MUCH damage back in May.)

Well, we wanted to do something to help out. We knew we were not going to be able to pull off the biggest, most helpful, air-lifting in medical supplies kind of help, but we wanted to do something.

So we decided to target the children. And more specifically the younger children. And since we are all quilters, we  knew it was going to be fabric-related-relief. I mean seriously. We can't even stop ourselves with the fabric.

We each bought a dolly. And then we made a quilt for her.
And we each bought a few hot wheels cars. And we made little roll up cases to put them in.

When I called to get the shipping information, I learned a lot.
There are many, many families still living in tents. 
People are still being fed by volunteers who take time to make hot meals for strangers in need.
And that toys have not been replaced. Toys cannot be a priority in a situation of devastation.

So, I asked how many dolls with quilts and rolls with cars they could use.
And the lady told me "as many as you can send".
And I looked at our little pile of love and knew that it was not anywhere near enough.

So, here is where you come in.
Would anyone out there like to join us in sending a little handmade love to Oklahoma?
All you need to do is buy a doll/teddy bear and make it a little quilt.
Or pick up a few hot wheels cars and make a little roll to put them in.
Or both

We are planning on shipping September 15. So you have a little time.
Let me know.

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  1. That's a fancy roll!! Looks like a driving town on one side and a pocket on the other. Will you post directions to make it? I'm interested in participating. Would I mail to you or directly to Moore. If direct what's the address?