Monday, August 26, 2013

Pinterest Cookin'

Do you make recipes you find on Pinterest?
I do. Not as many as I pin, but I have tried a few.

Are you ever disappointed??
Me too!!

Some of these recipes are just a mess.

Like the Olive Garden Knock-off salad dressing. Yuck-a-roo.
If you are thinking about making this one for company (like we did)....DON'T DO IT!

Or how about this one (I put this one on my summer-to-do list). These crackers are supposed to be so good they're addicting. Like crack-cocaine. NOT. I made a batch. We ate a couple. Threw the rest in the trash. What a waste.

But, then some are super good.
Like this one....

And this one. Oh yeah, this one is a 2 thumbs up!

So that brings us to today's cooking adventure.
I pinned this one on my summer-to-do list.

This is a recipe (apparently THE original recipe) for gluten free chocolate chip cookies.
I pinned this one to make for our little cowgirl who is now a gluten free-cowgirl.
But then, when I went to make it a few weeks ago and actually followed the link through to the recipe....I promptly dismissed the idea (with lots of eye-rolling). I mean seriously...chocolate chip cookies make from garbanzo beans and honey. Absurd!!
Then a few weeks later, surprise surprise, we had a guest over for a party and she was raving about the bean cupcakes and cookies her daughter was making.
Huh?? Could this really be true??

I have been thinking about this.
And thinking some more.

And then our gluten free-cowgirl had to make a few more VERY UNWANTED changes to her diet.
And she was VERY SAD.
And as her mama I needed to do a little something to help her find her way.
And, in this case, "a little something" turned out to be garbanzo bean cookies. (I don't recommend garbanzo bean cookies as the solution for every storm that might come your way. But in this case....)

So here is the deal with these weirdo cookies.
They actually taste good!
Say what?
Yes, they T-A-S-T-E good.
The texture is a little off (soft and not much to chew on) but the flavor gets a thumbs up.
And as an added bonus, these little cookies are PACKED with protein.

So there you have it.
If you need a gluten free, grain free, soy free, dairy free, egg free cookie recipe, I think you should try this one.
It is a pretty good substitute for the real thing.

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  1. We too have made some things and they are hit or miss.