Friday, February 5, 2010

Road Trip

I have finally finished this story quilt that I started in 2006 at a quilt conference in Pacific Grove. Finally!

It highlights some of our favorite places like Canada, Montana and New York City, as well as favorite tours like the Lewis and Clark Trail and Civil War sites. Then there are the "must" stops, the places we look forward to going over and over again, places that make us feel like we are on vacation because we always go to them when we are on vacation, places that are no where near our home like the Cracker Barrel and Bass Pro Shop, and all different quilt shops.

Pulling our trailer across the country was a favorite family past time, and we looked forward to it every year! But alas, our girls are grown now, and we just don't seem to find the time to do it anymore. But if we ever get around to it again, I would go to Banff National Park, New England (again), NYC (of course), Alaska, Washington DC in cherry blossom season, Maine, Minnesota, Georgia in the spring.....
Oh yeah, and Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, Africa...............

The other quilt I finished this month was an Alaskan Grizzly wallhanging. A friend bought the kit for me when she was on vacation in Alaska last summer. It is a very nice little design. The applique is cut as a single piece and the borders are simple, so it went pretty quick.

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